Technical support
Our company specializes in the design, production and sales of various types of TPU quicksand Case. Each month, we introduce new design styles to meet our customers' demand for new products.

Our factory has the most completed range of products:

TPU quicksand case 377 models; quicksand case with LED lights 214 models,  quicksand case with Mickey Ears 117 models, perfume bottles quicksand case158 models, anti-shock quicksand case 27 models!

(All the numbers of the models are always increasing by our tool making department. Large workshop, injection molding machine, ultrasonic machine, oiling machine, glue machine, UV machine, laser engraving machine, automatic HP painted 6 printers, top imported nozzles, advanced environmental protection printing ink. Shares integrated 1 electroplating factory, to digest their own orders at the same time, widely undertake social orders. 157 professional production team, 15 production lines, to ensure the delivery of orders on time. The inside Oil of the case can provide SGS certification, through the RoSh environmental protection test. The quicksand do not stick on the inwall of the case. Even though the shipment by marine also do not bring bubbles inside the case.
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