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2017 Cell phone case

Fashion IT brand with the diversification of the market development. With the increase of mobile phone brands and the function of diversification, the mobile phone protection shell quality with PC shell, silica gel, leather, cloth, plastic, leather, metal toughened glass shell, soft plastic, velvet, silk and other categories. Mobile phone protection shell not only as decorations, but also to protect the phone, anti fall, scratch, waterproof and shockproof.

Mobile phone protection shell can be divided into: PC shell, silicone, leather, crystal shell, clear shell, reticulated shell, environmental protection PC shell, metal shell, plastic and carbon fiber, etc.

Also, two years of high volume continuous sand shell. In our company last year, the total sales of quicksand shell reached 800000. In 2017, we invited young designers to join our team, mainly to provide customers with unique design.

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