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Quicksand phone case is safe?

Quicksand phone case safe?

Liquid quicksand Mobile phone case is usually relatively hard, violent smashing is not easy, in general, the probability of leakage is not large. In the event of a spill, a small amount of short-term exposure will not cause serious burns, but if the skin and fluid are in contact for prolonged periods after leakage, some of the fluid will be absorbed into the skin and may cause damage to the skin.

Sparkling quicksand, colored liquid In young people, the liquid phone shell by many people's favorite. But recently net posts said that this beautiful mobile phone shell, the liquid contains corrosive acids, damage or leakage can cause adverse reactions or even skin burns.

Bought two liquid quicksand mobile phone shell, personally made a small test, found that PH test strip was weakly acidic. Apply liquid to your hands over time, with occasional burning and tingling sensation, but without swelling or burns.

The personage inside course of study said that the liquid injected into the phone case is mostly decorative mineral oil, which is harmless to the human body itself. Itching or even burns may occur, may be inferior mineral oil or small workshop added other chemical agents. In the event of a leak, clean the skin with soap in time, it will not affect the human body. For safety reasons, or use a more reliable quality assurance products.
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